Hello! I’m Samantha Stokes, designer and creator, fueled by a desire to craft out of the ordinary things.
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I’m a designer and illustrator currently based in British Columbia, Canada, with a BDes(hons) from Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. My focus is on creating visually unique work that’s rooted in a clear understanding of your brand personality or visual concept. Often found making work related to the outdoors or to good food, design days are accompanied by delectable snacks and copious cups of tea. On my days off I refill my reservoir of energy and creativity by adventuring in the sea, forests or mountains.





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I want to create a perfect solution for you. To do this, I need to have a super solid understanding of what you’re after. We’ll chat, maybe with a cup of tea, and I’ll find a starting point for crafting your project.


We’ll explore some different creative directions together, and get an understanding of what path to head down with our design. I’ll create a variety of concepts for us to review. Ideas will start turning into reality. This stage gives us an awesome foundation for the project.


Here we fine tune the ideas from the explore stage. Analyzing them to figure out what works and what doesn’t gives us direction to evolve the design. We’ll discuss what your thoughts and preferences are and move forward from there.


Our designs will have been developed into a final product, and you get to see how your ideas and goals from the start of the project have been brought to life. Smiles all around, your creative needs will be met, and files delivered.



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