Samantha Stokes
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Stoked As

, Graphic Design, Layout Design, Photography

Recipe Book – For the love of family and food
Collected recipes from a life around the table. A 71 page hardcover recipe book, 'Stoked As' shapes a view of the process of sharing and cooking food as something to be enjoyed and celebrated; something that carries and helps create new memories.

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Food to be Shared

Food to be Shared

Food is an integral part of life, bringing people together to share and rejoice day to day. Stoked As reminds us of that, it’s lighthearted tone and humorous touches make us reminisce about creating and laughing around the table. These recipes were collected under the inspiration of sharing meals together with friends and loved ones. The illustration, photography and design were created in hope the reader is inspired to gather their own experiences with the ones they hold close to their hearts